A warrior died.


T-Shirt prints

Playing with some T-Shirt prints ideas. "Going feral, one step at a time" is a project I nest in my head in which -some day- I will be able to live in closer harmony with nature. Want to join the journey?

Deep Winter

The last day of the year in Vancouver rose dark and cold. While I was at the Queen Elizabeth Park, it started to snow quite heavily. I climbed to the top of the hill where a small unmanned ferris wheel was turning its uninviting cold metal seats in the snowflake air (As I describe it now, I realize I should have filmed it with my phone camera. I mean, what an image!)  The wheel was standing near the entrance of a circular building covered by a plexiglass dome. A sign read "OPEN" so I figured I'd enter if only to warm up a bit. The building (more on the Bloedel Conservatory: http://vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture/bloedel-conservatory.aspx) was filled with plants and birds. A tropical bubble in subarctic weather. I was introduced to macaw, parrots and cockatiel birds from the other side of the planet which seemed oblivious of whatever was going on outside.

Hibernating Formentera

I remember being at my friend's house, the sun was setting and from the yard, above the tree canopies, I could see a glimpse of what was about to take place that evening. I climbed into the car and drove to the nearby beach. By the time I got there, the sky was becoming fiery with pinks and oranges. I climbed to the truck's roof for a high point of view and shot away. This image is a study of the larger panoramic I will attempt to composite next.


This is a study for my oncoming image "In The Whale's Mind" I'm currently working on. Akule is a gregarious fish swimming the warm Hawaiian waters. It's shy so it is very rare to be able to get this close to it. Nah, it's all CG ;)


Some of you -well- actually just one, asked me for a subscription option to get this blog's updates. Yesterday I struggled all day setting it up. Intricate stuff, but finally, here it is!

And Here's today's new image:

Back  in 2007 we spent Christmas vacation in Formentera. This is a picture I took while walking around San Francisco Javier.

Back  in 2007 we spent Christmas vacation in Formentera. This is a picture I took while walking around San Francisco Javier.

This is a test

Yes, a test. In case you wondered, I am testing my new subscription feature. Still working out the kinks... Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy another Picture of the Mokulua. "Moku" means land surrounded by water and "lua" means twins or double in Hawaiian language. Roughly translates as Twin Islands, also referrered to as "The moks" or "Da moks" by the locals..